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Design Sustainability Workshop

Date - 3 November 2020 

Time - 13.30-17.30 (Afternoon)

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How does packaging sustainability influence consumers’ perception of a product, and how can this be positively shaped by involving packaging designers at an early stage?

Participants of this half-day workshop on 3 November will learn:

  • Which aspects of packaging development to take into account
  • How packaging can be made more sustainable
  • What the supply chain considerations are; from cradle to cradle

This workshop will be hands on: Working with live examples, participants will learn to assess packaging holistically and identify quickly the starting points for making packaging more sustainable. Tickets to the pre-conference workshop must be bought in conjunction with a two-day conference ticket


Good or bad? Please share your best or worst packaging solutions. What has particularly inspired – or frustrated – you in terms of sustainability in recent weeks? We will prepare a ‘best of’ and a ‘worst of’ gallery!

Interactive session | Gallery walk

What matters?

  • Introducing the Packaging Value Wheel: How to manage different stakeholder requirements during packaging development
  • The differences between developing sustainable packaging for new products and optimizing existing products

Ready to ship or ready to shop?

  • Packaging design: balancing logistics and emotions
  • Agile packaging design: integrating shopper needs with the requirements of other relevant stakeholders
  • What is sustainable from the shopper's perspective? How can the sustainability of a packaging solution be credibly communicated?

Assessing the sustainability of packaging

  • Overview of the tools available for packaging lifecycle analysis

Always room for improvement World Café

  • Small group evaluation of existing packaging
  • What is good, what is not?
  • What could be done better … and what impact would this have?

Now & next

  • Presenting existing and optimised packaging solutions

* Participants who wish to work on their own packaging during the workshop are asked to share this with facilitator in advance.