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Multi-Stakeholder Problem Solving Workshop

Date - 3 November 2020 

Time - 9.30-12.30 (Morning)

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Working collaboratively is a key aspect of making sure that we move packaging towards circularity and in this workshop you will find out more about what a successful collaborative project looks like and work through exercises and discussion groups to find out how to transfer those successes into your future development projects. 

Leading stakeholders are collaborating to develop plastic and laminate tube design guidelines for recyclability. Building on knowledge of HDPE and PP rigid packaging recycling streams, and, assessing needs for tubes used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, and household applications, the group aims to understand and address barriers for collection and sortation of tubes, in addition to preferred design in order to be recycled. The Plastic & Laminate Tube Recycling Project is engaging raw material suppliers, machinery suppliers, converters, brands, EPR/packaging organisations, material recovery facilities, and recyclers, to align on the path to recyclability. The workshop will show advantages of a collaborative approach to solve the complex challenges of packaging moving toward circularity, including:

  • Technical agreement on the parameters of recyclable plastic and laminate tube design;
  • Collaborative approach to testing in order to assess compatibility with the existing recycled plastic fraction; and,
  • Collective engagement of critical stakeholders, like the Producer Responsibility Organisations and Plastics Recyclers Europe

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear our in-depth case study and find practical takeaways to implement within your future packaging development.