Site visit to Gava sorting plant

Monday 16 October 2023 14:15 - 17:45 in Barcelona, Spain

Organised by Ecoembes, Sustainability in Packaging Europe 2023 delegates have the opportunity to visit the Gava sorting plant. During the site visit, Ecoembes will explain all the light packaging waste sorting processes that have contributed to reach the desired recycling rate, thus completing the packaging cycle by giving them a new life far from the landfill.


The sorting plant has around 25,000 tonnes/year of yellow bin (plastic and metals packaging, including brick) and recovers 7 materials: PET, HDPE, Film/LDPE, Plastic mix (PP, PS and ePS) bricks, aluminium and steel cans.

Coombes is the non-profit organization that cares for the environment through the recycling and eco-design of packaging in Spain. Thanks to the coordination of the agents involved in the recycling process - Companies, Citizens, Administration and Recyclers - we have been protecting the environment for 20 years by making possible for packaging to be recycled.

Provisional Agenda & Timings

14:15 Pick up from Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower hotel

14:45 Arrival at Gavà sorting plant

14:50 Welcome and introduction by Ecoembes, Head of the Companies and Ecodesign Department of Ecoembes, Spain Introduction of AMB (AMB is the public administration of the metropolitan area of Barcelona which is responsible for the treatment of water and municipal waste) by Mr. Trullols Technical Director of the environmental division. An schematic introduction of Gavà sorting plant by a representative of Gavà

15:20 Start of Gavà sorting plant tour

17:20 End of tour

17:50 Arrive back at Hyatt Regency Barcelona Tower hotel

Tickets are €99 + VAT in conjunction with your Sustainability in Packaging Europe conference ticket, but places are limited so register soon to avoid missing out!