Webinar: AI and sustainable packaging

23 May 2024 - 13:00 - 16:45 BST - Online - £349 + VAT

The influence of AI on the circular economy and sustainable packaging practice is high, driving design optimisation, packaging waste reduction by creating lightweight packaging and maintaining product protection as well as developing efficient and sustainable packaging solutions.

AI enables to identify optimal packaging materials and designs and streamlining packaging process. With the usage of AI-driven technologies such as machine learning and computer vision; companies can improve various packaging processes, develop eco-friendly packaging, identify and eliminate unnecessary packaging materials.

AI automation enables faster and more efficient and accuracy of recycling processes by identifying different types of waste and more precise sorting of recyclable materials. AI systems can analyse customer behaviour patterns and identify trends, which contribute to excessive waste generation.

This webinar will focus on the latest market trends and innovations in AI and how AI technologies are shaping up the packaging industry, driving circular economy and sustainable packaging practice.

Our key industry experts will delve into the powerful potential of artificial intelligence (AI) within the packaging industry and discuss the impact of AI, showcasing its role in transforming the packaging industry by driving design optimisation, packaging waste reduction, streamlining packaging processes, improving recycling processes and quality control.

During this webinar we will highlight the status and use of AI technologies in the packaging industry, development of sustainable packaging solutions as well as spotlight potential future where AI drives circular economy and sustainable packaging practice.

Why should you attend:

  • Hear about AI case studies/examples driving sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Learn about how AI is helping packaging manufacturers, brands and retailers reach their sustainability goals.
  • How AI is optimising supply chain efficiency and reducing packaging waste
  • Discover how AI can enhance the design and packaging process and helps to improve sustainable packaging.
  • Explore how AI helps businesses understand consumer behaviours and preferences related to sustainable packaging.
  • How AI enables companies to navigate the complex landscape of sustainability regulations and standards
  • How AI improves quality control processes
  • Learn about the latest AI technologies and benefits for improving sustainable packaging practices.

Who should attend?

This webinar will bring together experts from across the packaging industry such as brand owners, retailers, converters, technology providers, designers, recyclers, waste management companies, and industry experts etc.


We will be announcing more speakers very soon, but if you are also interested in speaking or joining the panel discussion, please contact Sabine Prack, Head of Production, at



13:00 Webinar introduction, George Kellie, Director, Kellie Solutions

13:10 The role of AI in packaging – emerging AI market trends and innovations
David Feber, Senior Partner Leading the Packaging Practice, McKinsey

13:30 Benefits of using AI technologies in improving packaging processes - A retailer perspective~
Katarzyna Grabarska, Packaging Eco-Design Manager, Jeronimo Martins Polska (Biedronka)

13:50 AI powering visual packaging design

  • Shortened product development times can diminish creativity needed to design novel and visually innovative packaging
  • AI can generate multiple visual design concepts and speedily tweak those to reflect the brand and its promises
  • Case examples will demonstrate how to deploy meaningfully AI as part of the visual packaging design
  • Ilkka Harju, Packaging Services Director, Metsä Board and Vesa Nurminen, Art Director, Futupack

14:20 Presentation title TBC (AI and quality control)
Nicolas Braem, CEO & Co-Founder and Parshva Mehta, COO & Co-Founder, PolyPerception

14:40 Networking break

14:55 Waste intelligence: Transforming waste management operations with AI
Alisa Pritchard,  VP of Marketing, Greyparrot

15:15 Defining the role of AI based sorting towards achieving circularity of flexible packaging
Dominika Maruszak-Dankbaar, Global Foods R&D Packaging, Sustainability Manager, PepsiCo

15:40 Panel discussion:

  • How is AI driving the packaging industry forward?
  • How to successfully implement artificial intelligence with existing infrastructure? 
  • What are the barriers to adopt AI technologies? 
  • What does AI mean for the designer today i.e. product development costs, lead times etc.? How can brands and suppliers unleash its creative potential to enrich product development?
  • AI regulations 


  • Mag. (FH) Angelika Hofer-Orgonyi, Group Head of Digital Excellence, Mondi AG
  • Mike Jefferson, Technical Consultant, CEFLEX
  • Marcel van Eijk, R&D Manager, NTCP
  • Alisa Pritchard,  VP of Marketing, Greyparrot

16:45 Moderators' closing remarks and end of webinar.

Tickets are just £349 + VAT but places are limited, so we advise booking as soon as possible to avoid missing out!