Nespresso Interview

We’re really excited to have the support from Christophe Boussemart, Sustainable Technology Manager of Nespresso, on day one of Sustainable Packaging Europe. We were lucky enough to catch up with him to learn more about his presentation, his perspectives on partnerships and what significant changes over the next year he can foresee within the industry.

Q. What do you see as the most significant changes coming up in packaging sustainability in the next 12-24 months?

Products must be sold with packaging and the responsibility of sustainable packaging cannot be passed onto your neighbours, consumers or industrials. To be honest, industrials have been doing the minimum to offer the right packaging eco-systems or offer non-recyclable products without financing the infrastructure to re-use or recycle the packaging. The time is now for the packaging value chain to make significant changes to packaging before the regulators enforce changes.

You are going to be delivering a keynote outlining How to produce, source, use and manage aluminium to fit today’s social and environmental challenges; can you give us a sneak peak of what delegates will hear?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, the consumerist society has driven the planets resources to spoliation and and no one group in the value chain is more responsible for this, from the miner to the user. We all know we must change this and my presentation will provide insights on what Nespresso has been doing with the aluminium value chain over the last few years.

Q. What sort of partnerships and collaborations do you think will be necessary to drive the industry forward?

The industry needs a strong value chain fact based collaboration, not just a promise-based collaboration. We need to join forces in which the value created is shared all along the whole value chain. If you don’t take care of your machinery, it will break down and production of your products will stop, it is the same for the value chain and stakeholders.

Q. Why do you feel it’s important for people to attend Sustainability in Packaging Europe 2018?

There is no way we can continue like we are and cooperation is the solution. Sustianability in Packaging Europe is a forum for all of us to know the situations, solutions and problems within the industry while making connections to drive forward a sustainable packaging future.