Webinar: Mono-material packaging solutions

21 March 2024 - 13:00-17:30 GMT - Online - £349 + VAT

Conventional multi-layer composite films are difficult to recycle because of the need to separate the different film layers. The need for easier to recycle polymer formats is being pursued at multiple points in the packaging value chain to cut pollution associated with plastic and embrace circular economy models. Mono-material films, constructed from a single polymer type are fully recyclable, which makes sorting easier, leads to cleaner recycling streams and drives circular economy models.

Mono-material packaging is paving the way for flexible packaging, in particular to be considered as sustainable and circular packaging. New environmental regulations are going to require manufacturers to redesign packaging, so they are only one material (mono-material), which allows for increased ability to recycle as opposed to packaging made from multi-materials. This creates the need for rapid product development to completely redesign bottles and caps to be made of different materials than ever before.

The on-going shift towards a circular economy is driving up interest in mono-material plastic films, with mono-material plastic packaging film consumption growing at an average annual rate (CAGR) of 3.4% to 23.27 million tonnes ($54.1 billion) between 2018 and 2022; in 2023, consumption is projected to grow 3.3% to 24.04 million tonnes ($55.8 billion) and is forecast to grow at 4.5% CAGR to 29.97 million tonnes ($68.2 billion) by 2028.

Mono-material plastic packaging film accounts for a projected 69.9% share of global flexible plastic packaging film produced in 2023, compared to 69.6% in 2018. It is forecast to grow at a faster rate during 2023–28 than during 2018–22 and when compared to overall flexible plastic packaging consumption.

This webinar will focus on the latest market trends, recyclability, advancements, new material development, latest regulations, processing technologies, innovative packaging solutions and collaboration to drive the development of recyclable mono-material packaging in both food and non-food packaging. 

Who will attend:
It will bring together experts from across the packaging value chain such as brand owners, retailers, converters, technology/equipment providers, packaging manufacturers, designers, recyclers, waste management companies, industry experts and many more...

Hear from our leading industry experts sharing their knowledge, new ideas and discussing opportunities and challenges in the transition to mono-packaging materials.



13:00 Webinar introduction, Stephen Harrod, Consultant, Smithers 

13:05 KEYNOTE: Mono-material flexible plastic packaging: market and recycling trends 

  • Design for recycling: status on the market
  • Collection & recycling rates: status and examples around Europe
  • Future-looking in context of PPWR

Lucie Charbonnel, Sustainability Leader, Amcor Flexibles EMEA

13:25 MDO-PE laminates: current and future developments

  • MDO-PE substrate & laminates for recyclable flexible packaging. Comparison vs. non-recyclable alternatives. Future developments in MDO-PE. Case studies

Neil Rogers, Independent Package Development Consultant and Thrace Group

13:50 Barrier solutions for mono-material plastic packaging films – Innovative PE materials designed for recycling in action

  • Ecolutions: A 360 degree approach for all substrates
  • How to achieve high-barrier mono-material packaging films in PE 
  • Solutions in practice: Mono-material medium- and high-barrier use cases in flexible packaging 

Dr. Dietmar Lenko, Head of Group Technical Innovations, Constantia Flexible International GmbH and 
Azalea Rangel Ramirez, Market Developer EU PE Primary Packaging, ExxonMobil Chemicals

14:15 Chemical recycled plastic packaging for Kvikk Lunsj wafer products under the Freia brand in Norway – challenges and learnings

Richard Akkermans, European R&D Packaging Sustainability Manager, Mondelez International 

14:35 Mono material re-design solutions 

  • Design guidelines context
  • Legislative framework (recyclability – recycled content)

Daniele Borin, Product Manager - Flexible Packaging Europe, Taghleef

14:55 Networking break

15:10 Flexible thinking for flexible recycling

  • The status quo regarding recycling of flexible household packaging
  • Introducing Vita Nova - a lighthouse project to highlight the circularity of mono-(r)PET for household flexible packaging
  • The circularity benefits of switching to a mono-PET
  • High potential applications
  • The Pet4pet project
  • Stop trying to fit a square peg into a round hole - Dare to think differently.

Willemijn Peeters, CEO & Founder, Searious Business

15:30  Regulatory update

Claudia Pasti, PhD - Packaging Regulatory Manager, Nestlé

15:50 Improve heat-sealing strength of mono-material packaging film

Chantal Semaan, Application Technology Manager CP, Borealis

16:10 Case study - mineral based coating that enhances materials without altering their fundamental qualities 

Emiliano Caradonna, CEO & President, Qwarzo spa and Daniele Simonazzi, CEO, FLO 

16:30 Flexible packaging design for recycling, from concept to practice:

  • Packaging Sustainability (how to design more sustainably packaging: recyclable design, bio-based films, PCR films, sustainable converting)
  • Design for recycling (how we design packaging for recyclability, industry guidelines, incorporating PCR and bio-circular content, process and challenges during the transitioning)
  • Successful projects and application examples (former VS new structure presentation for various packaging applications - projects already in market)"

Dr. Elef Kassianidis, Area Sales Director, Hatzopoulos

16:50 Panel discussion: Future outlook, challenges and opportunities 

  • Are mono-materials a suitable alternative to multilayer packaging materials? Can they provide the same or similar barrier properties?
  • How mono-material packaging improves sustainability in FMCG industries?

Panel moderator: Chantal Semaan, Application Technology Manager CP, Borealis

  • Fernando Guardiola Ramirez, Packaging Solution Engineer, IKEA Food
  • Richard Akkermans, European R&D Packaging Sustainability Manager, Mondelez International
  • Liz Morrish, Workstream Consultant and Designing for a Circular Economy Guidelines Lead, CEFLEX
  • Frederic Dreux, R&D Packaging Leader - Prestige, Unilever
  • More panellists to be announced….

17:30 Moderator's closing remarks and end of webinar

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