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Bio-Based Workshop

Date - 3 November 2022 | Barcelona, Spain (In-Person)

Time - 16:15 - 18:15 CET | Ticket Price - €299 + VAT*

*Workshop ticket must be purchased alongside a 2-day conference ticket

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Drop-in packaging plastic (PP, PE) produced with renewable feedstock, using mass balance certification

Led by Stephen Roest - Strategic Platform Leader Circular Economy Solutions at Borealis

 - What 2nd generation waste & residue feedstocks are used - Maria Carcolé Head of Brand Owner Management at Neste

- Learn how PP and PE produced from renewable resources can help you decouple from fossil feedstock and reduce your carbon footprint of your packaging plastics - Chantal Semaan, Application Technology Manager CP at Borealis

- What drop-in bio-PP solutions are also available with C14 bio-content - Floris Buijzen, Strategic Platform Leader Economy Solutions at Borealis

- How mass-balance chain of custody gives transparency in the supply chain and secures sustainability of the feedstock used - Jasmine Brinkmann, Senior System Manager Sustainability at ISCC