Formed and moulded fibre packaging workshop

Monday 16 October 2023 14:00-18:00 in Barcelona, Spain

Workshop moderator:

About the workshop:

Moulded and formed Fibre Packaging is going through a revolution. Significant new technologies are arriving at speed. These are starting to offer sustainable and viable alternatives to a range of familiar formed plastic containers. This workshop will explore advanced material and product solutions.

Why should you attend?

There is clear market demand for genuine plastic packaging alternatives. This comes from consumers as well as food service companies and major retail brands. Attendees will be able to learn more about market leading technologies and hear from industry experts.

Who should attend?

Major food brands, food retailers, food service providers, paper and plastic packaging producers, and anyone else who has an interest in formed and moulded fibre packaging.


14:00 Registration

14:15 Workshop introduction - George Kellie, Owner, Kellie Solutions Ltd

14:20 The potential of minerals in pulp moulding and moulded fibre packaging

  • Inclusion of minerals as fillers in moulded fibre articles can bring significant cost benefits without significant compromise in performance (e.g. strength)
  • These benefits include:
    • Extension of raw materials (replacement of fibre by mineral)
    • Reduced energy consumption and improved environmental footprint due to higher solids before drying
    • Increased productivity due to removal of contaminants from poor quality fibre and improved release from wire moulds
  • Minerals and mineral based formulations can also provide additional surface functionality. Application of minerals can prepare a surface to receive a barrier layer or contribute to the barrier performance itself.
  • A wide range of macro and micro techniques exist in order to assess the role and performance of mineral in bulk and surface structures

Dr. Andrew Findlay, Technical Support Director - Board and Packaging, Imerys and Janet Preston, Senior Printing Scientist, Imerys

14:50 Molded Fiber LabelingTM (MFL), a unique sustainable decoration method for both dry and wet fiber molded packaging

  • MFL offering maximum shelf-appeal.
  • How to apply the MFL labels on dry or wet fiber molded packaging?
  •  End of life options for MFL decorated packaging.

Nico Van de Walle, Product & Circular Economy Manager, MCC Verstraete

15:15 Dry Molded Fiber - scaling up for sustainable change

  • What is the mission of PulPac and their patented technology Dry Molded Fiber
  • Working together to create fundamental change – the PulPac ecosystem and machinery
  • Current focus, challenges and future

Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer, Pulpac

15:40 Networking break

15:55 Dry forming –a disruptive technology with the potential to replace plastic packaging, at scale

  • Designed to meet circular principles, Yangi® is a turn-key manufacturing technology for cellulose-based packaging based on dry forming principles, enabling a cost- and resource-efficient solution. Join Anna Altner, Yangi’s founder as she:
  • Outlines the key environmental benefits of dry forming technology and explains why this new technology is so disruptive.
  • Shares the current applications, limitations, and challenges of dry forming technology.
  • Looks at how the dry forming process differs from other sustainable packaging solutions currently on the market.
  • Provides more insights on how partners in the entire packaging value chain can accelerate innovation for a more sustainable future.

Anna Altner, Founder, Yangi 

16:20 PaperFoam – a 3D foamed paper-based packaging material

  • Design aspects, production process, light weight, low carbon footprint, environmental benefits

 Mark Geerts, R&D Consultant, The Netherlands, PaperFoam b.v.

16:45 Presentation title to be confirmed

Channing Nuss, Director of Corporate Affairs, Transcend Packaging

17:10 Panel discussion 

  • The market for mould fibre packaging is expanding quickly. Where do you see the most immediate growth?
  • The public clearly likes paper fibre packaging. How can we use this strong empathy to drive the market?
  • Many of the new dry formed products seem to use bleached fibre. Is it likely that unbleached qualities will emerge soon?
  • Worldwide demand for paper fibre is rising. Does that trend pose any supply issues for the formed fibre sector?
  • How can we harness the strongly positive consumer reactions.
  • Paper bottle is a very visible and very exciting market opportunity. How do you imagine it will impact on your business?How will traditional 3D fibre markets such as egg box benefit from the new formed fibre technologies?


  • Janet Preston, Senior Printing Scientist, Imerys
  • Sanna Fager, Chief Commercial Officer, Pulpac
  • Channing Nuss, Director of Corporate Affairs, Transcend Packaging

18:00 Wrap up and end of workshop

Tickets are €449 + VAT in conjunction with your Sustainability in Packaging Europe conference ticket.