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2023 Speakers & Panelists

Smithers' is pleased to present the Sustainability in Packaging US 2023 Speakers and Panelists. The following packaging and sustainability experts have confirmed their participation at the upcoming event.
Cassie Huang - Environmental Defense Fund

Cassie Huang

Project Manager, Consumer Health, EDF+Business at Environmental Defense Fund
Lukas Hoex - South Pole

Lukas Hoex

Associate Director Circular Economy at South Pole
Melissa Seburg  - H.B. Fuller

Melissa Seburg

NA Marketing Specialist-Packaging Makers, ACS, Envelope at H.B. Fuller
Carlos Ludlow-Palafox - Enval

Carlos Ludlow-Palafox

CEO at Enval
Brent Ostrowski - Recycle Across America

Brent Ostrowski

Chairman of RAA Board of Directors at Recycle Across America
Ashley Elzinga - Foodservice Packaging Institute

Ashley Elzinga

Director of Sustainability & Outreach at Foodservice Packaging Institute
Carolyn Hoskinson - Environmental Protection Agency

Carolyn Hoskinson

Director, Office of Resource Conservation and Recovery (ORCR) at Environmental Protection Agency
Valerie Langer - Canopy

Valerie Langer

Fibre Solutions Strategist at Canopy
Xavier Bonamour - Bobst

Xavier Bonamour

Application Manager at Bobst
Raphaël Bardet - Ahlstrom

Raphaël Bardet

Head of the Product Management and R&D at Ahlstrom
David Nelson - Eastman

David Nelson

Director, Corporate Innovation at Eastman
Marika Knorr - CCL Label

Marika Knorr

Head of Sustainability and Communication at CCL Label
Felipe Victoria -  Ocean Conservancy

Felipe Victoria

Senior Manager for International Plastics Policy at Ocean Conservancy
Daniel Daggett, Ph.D. - Diversey

Daniel Daggett, Ph.D.

Vice President, Sustainability at Diversey
Matt Swihart - Double Mountain Brewery and Cidery

Matt Swihart

Founder and Brewmaster at Double Mountain Brewery and Cidery
John Hewitt - Consumer Brands Association

John Hewitt

Vice President, Packaging Sustainability at Consumer Brands Association
Stephen Acciaioli - HARRY'S

Stephen Acciaioli

Packaging Manager at HARRY'S
Kate Bezar - The Better Packaging Co.

Kate Bezar

Co-Founder and Head of Impact at The Better Packaging Co.
Brandon Frank - Pacific Packaging Components

Brandon Frank

President at Pacific Packaging Components
Wesley Porter - Berry Global

Wesley Porter

Director Of Business Development - Sustainability and Innovation at Berry Global
Mark Pszczolkowski - The Clorox Company

Mark Pszczolkowski

Principal R&D Scientist at The Clorox Company
Erin Simon - World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Erin Simon

Vice President, Plastic Waste + Business at World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Ian Montgomery - Guacamole Airplane

Ian Montgomery

Founder and Creative Director at Guacamole Airplane
Brant Wunderlich - NOVA Chemicals, Inc.

Brant Wunderlich

Caps and Closures Market Manager at NOVA Chemicals, Inc.
Liz Logue - EFI, US

Liz Logue

Vice President Strategy, Inkjet at EFI, US
Emily Tipaldo - U.S. Plastics Pact

Emily Tipaldo

Executive Director at U.S. Plastics Pact
Evan Abel - The Rounds

Evan Abel

Head of Service Design at The Rounds
Lydia Kuyawa - Waste Management

Lydia Kuyawa

Waste and Sustainability at Waste Management
Brad Austin - Marquette County Solid Waste/Recycle 906

Brad Austin

Director of Operations at Marquette County Solid Waste/Recycle 906
Kathy Pazakis - TerraCycle

Kathy Pazakis

Chief Commercial Officer at TerraCycle
Doug Gatlin - Green Seal

Doug Gatlin

CEO at Green Seal
Dan Felton - AMERIPEN

Dan Felton

Executive Director at AMERIPEN
Albert Douer - UBQ Materials

Albert Douer

Chairman and Co-CEO at UBQ Materials
James Harmer  - Cambridge Design Partnership

James Harmer

Planning & Innovation Strategy Leader at Cambridge Design Partnership
Lynn Dyer - Pactiv Evergreen

Lynn Dyer

Chief Sustainability & Public Affairs Officer at Pactiv Evergreen
Kate Flynn - Sun & Swell Foods

Kate Flynn

Co-Founder and CEO at Sun & Swell Foods
Shannon Moore - Kellogg Company

Shannon Moore

Director, Global Sustainable Packaging Ecosystems at Kellogg Company
Michael Pratt - Sonoco

Michael Pratt

Associate Manager, Sustainability- North America at Sonoco
How Lau - How Lab Consulting, LLC

How Lau

Consultant at How Lab Consulting, LLC
Annika Greve - Loop

Annika Greve

Sr. Director Business Development, Global at Loop
MJ Werlein - Adept Group

MJ Werlein

Senior Packaging Manager – Sustainability at Adept Group
Marco Macoratti - Mondi AG

Marco Macoratti

Head of Sustainable Business Solutions & Circularity for Retail Channel at Mondi AG
Ana Espinosa - The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

Ana Espinosa

Packaging Sustainability Manager at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
Charles Ho Fung - MolsonCoors

Charles Ho Fung

Senior Packaging Innovation/Strategy and SC Business Partner at MolsonCoors
Patrick Keenan - Annie's, General Mills

Patrick Keenan

R&D Packaging Engineer, Global Sustainability at Annie's, General Mills
Michael Martin - r.Cup

Michael Martin

Founder and CEO at r.Cup
Lael Hamilton - Kroger

Lael Hamilton

Packaging Engineering Manager at Kroger
Charles David Mathieu-Poulin - TC Transcontinental Packaging

Charles David Mathieu-Poulin

Manager of Public Affairs and Stakeholders Relations at TC Transcontinental Packaging
Savannah Seydel - Better Earth

Savannah Seydel

Vice President of Sustainability at Better Earth
Andrew Aulisi - PepsiCo

Andrew Aulisi

Vice President, Global Environmental Policy at PepsiCo
Matt Prindiville - UPSTREAM

Matt Prindiville

Chief Solutioneer and CEO at UPSTREAM
Renata Neri - Chick-fil-A Corporate

Renata Neri

Principal Category Lead, Menu & Packaging at Chick-fil-A Corporate
Martin Grandjean - Tembo Paper

Martin Grandjean

Global Business Development Manager at Tembo Paper
Danielle Zola - Patagonia

Danielle Zola

Global Packaging & Branding at Patagonia
Linda Roman - Kraft Heinz Company

Linda Roman

Associate Director of Packaging at Kraft Heinz Company
Scott Cassel - Product Stewardship Institute (PSI)

Scott Cassel

CEO & Founder at Product Stewardship Institute (PSI)
Emily Williams - TC Transcontinental Packaging

Emily Williams

Sustainability and Innovation Partnerships Leader at TC Transcontinental Packaging
Christopher J. Layton - Eastman

Christopher J. Layton

Sustainability Director, Specialty Plastics at Eastman
Justin Schmidt - Ben & Jerry’s

Justin Schmidt

Global Packaging Manager at Ben & Jerry’s
Zach Muscato - Plastic Ingenuity

Zach Muscato

Corporate Sustainability Champion at Plastic Ingenuity
Jeff Travis - American Packaging Corporation

Jeff Travis

Manager of Innovation & Sustainability at American Packaging Corporation
Gary McElyea - The Coca-Cola Company

Gary McElyea

Head of the North America Public Policy Center at The Coca-Cola Company
Brendan Adams - Kraft Heinz

Brendan Adams

Senior Manager, Global Government Affairs at Kraft Heinz
Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni - KoolEarth Solutions Inc.

Dr. Sandeep Kulkarni

Founder and President at KoolEarth Solutions Inc.
Kat Shayne - CIRT

Kat Shayne

Founder and CEO at CIRT
Mark Watts - Church & Dwight Co. Inc.

Mark Watts

Sr. Research Manager-Packaging Engineering, Sustainability & Open Innovation at Church & Dwight Co. Inc.
Graeme Smith - Mars Petcare

Graeme Smith

Global Sustainable Packaging Director, R&D at Mars Petcare
Anne Germain - National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA)

Anne Germain

Chief Operating Officer & Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affair at National Waste & Recycling Association (NWRA)
Suzanne Shelton - Shelton Group

Suzanne Shelton

President & CEO at Shelton Group
Nate Pajka - Metsӓ Board, Americas

Nate Pajka

Sustainability Specialist at Metsӓ Board, Americas
Ryan Stolzenbach - Abbvie

Ryan Stolzenbach

Program Manager, Sustainability, Global Packaging at Abbvie
Lynn Hoffman - Eureka Recycling

Lynn Hoffman

Co-President at Eureka Recycling
Prapti S. Muhuri - American Chemistry Council

Prapti S. Muhuri

Associate Director, Plastics Sustainability at American Chemistry Council
Cheryl Coleman - Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries

Cheryl Coleman

Vice President for Sustainability at Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries
Damian Massa - Away

Damian Massa

Sr. Manager, Packaging Development at Away
Paul Earl-Torniainen - Starbucks

Paul Earl-Torniainen

Lead Packaging Engineer, R&D at Starbucks
Dustin Schadt - Stora Enso

Dustin Schadt

Director of Business Development and Key Account Manager at Stora Enso
Rob Writz - AMP Robotics

Rob Writz

Director of Industry Relations and Strategic Partnership at AMP Robotics
Sheida Sahandy - Encina

Sheida Sahandy

Chief Sustainability Officer at Encina
Molly Blessing - Household & Commercial Products Association

Molly Blessing

Director of Sustainability at Household & Commercial Products Association
Margaret Eldridge - Biodegradable Products Institute

Margaret Eldridge

Certification Director at Biodegradable Products Institute
Emily Lin  - Diageo

Emily Lin

Global Packaging Sustainability at Diageo
Bineke Posthumus - Avantium

Bineke Posthumus

Director Business Development at Avantium
Nuha Siddiqui - erthos

Nuha Siddiqui

CEO and Co-Founder at erthos
Greg Wright - Industrial Physics

Greg Wright

Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Industrial Physics
Tim Cooper - Smithers

Tim Cooper

Project Director, Packaging Consultancy at Smithers