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Speakers & Panelists

The following packaging and sustainability experts have confirmed their participation as speakers and panelists for Sustainability in Packaging US 2022!
Chris Fox - HanesBrands Inc.

Chris Fox

VP, Chief Sustainability Officer at HanesBrands Inc.
Rachel Zipperian - Procter & Gamble

Rachel Zipperian

Principal Scientist and Communications Manager, Herbal Essence at Procter & Gamble
Simon Locke - The Body Shop

Simon Locke

Sustainable Design Innovation Manager at The Body Shop
Anne T. Bedarf - Colgate-Palmolive Company

Anne T. Bedarf

Packaging Sustainability Manager, Global Design and Packaging at Colgate-Palmolive Company
Camille Herrera - Driscoll's

Camille Herrera

Packaging Development and Sustainability Manager at Driscoll's
Marie-Anne Champoux-Guimond - Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP)

Marie-Anne Champoux-Guimond

Sustainability Manager at Keurig Dr Pepper (KDP)
Kim Carswell - Target

Kim Carswell

Former Principal at Target
David Simnick - Soapbox

David Simnick

Managing Partner at Soapbox
Ashley C. Hall - Walmart

Ashley C. Hall

Director of Sustainable Packaging at Walmart
Chelsey Evans - Etsy

Chelsey Evans

Senior Manager, Sustainability at Etsy
Kristen Royal - Sabra Dipping Company

Kristen Royal

Senior Manager, Sustainability at Sabra Dipping Company
Paul Earnshaw - Tesco PLC

Paul Earnshaw

Senior Packaging Manager at Tesco PLC
 Michelle Carvell - Lorax Compliance

Michelle Carvell

Chief Operating Officer at Lorax Compliance
Jenny Wassenaar  - Trivium Packaging

Jenny Wassenaar

Chief Sustainability Officer at Trivium Packaging
Axel Darut - CITEO

Axel Darut

Head of EU & International Affairs at CITEO
Sarah Dearman - The Recycling Partnership

Sarah Dearman

VP of Circular Ventures at The Recycling Partnership
Saskia van Gendt - Rothy’s

Saskia van Gendt

Head of Sustainability at Rothy’s
Arash Hassanian - Hoover CS

Arash Hassanian

President at Hoover CS
Ned Tomasevic - Reusability

Ned Tomasevic

CEO at Reusability
Carlos Ludlow-Palafox - Enval

Carlos Ludlow-Palafox

CEO at Enval
Howard Bertram - Complete Design & Packaging

Howard Bertram

President at Complete Design & Packaging
Kevin Green - Aeroflexx

Kevin Green

Vice President of Commercial and Business Development at Aeroflexx
Liz Logue - EFI, US

Liz Logue

VP of Corporate Business Development/ IJ Strategy at EFI, US
Andrea G. Ferrenz - Campbell Soup Company

Andrea G. Ferrenz

Food Law Counsel, Legal Department at Campbell Soup Company
Shannon Pinc - NatureWorks

Shannon Pinc

Circular Economy Specialist at NatureWorks
Dan Felton - AMERIPEN

Dan Felton

Executive Director at AMERIPEN
Will Lorenzi - Smart Planet Technologies

Will Lorenzi

President at Smart Planet Technologies
James Harmer  - Cambridge Design Partnership

James Harmer

Planning & Innovation Strategy Leader at Cambridge Design Partnership
Annika Greve - Loop

Annika Greve

Director, Business Development, North America at Loop
Kris Kaar - Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) & Carton Council

Kris Kaar

Senior Consultant at Resource Recycling Systems (RRS) & Carton Council
Hanko Kiessner - Packsize International LLC

Hanko Kiessner

Executive Chairman and Founder at Packsize International LLC
Michael Waas - TIPA® Compostable Packaging

Michael Waas

Vice President, North America at TIPA® Compostable Packaging
Eric Vignola, Ph.D., MBA - NOVA Chemicals

Eric Vignola, Ph.D., MBA

Market Management Leader, Polyethylene at NOVA Chemicals
Sara Axelrod - Ball Corporation

Sara Axelrod

Director of Sustainability at Ball Corporation
Charles David Mathieu-Poulin - TC Transcontinental

Charles David Mathieu-Poulin

Manager of Public Affairs and Stakeholders Relations at TC Transcontinental
Joe Jankowski - Total Corbion PLA

Joe Jankowski

Business Development Manager at Total Corbion PLA
Jane Tsilas - Starbucks Coffee Company

Jane Tsilas

Global Packaging Sustainability Manager at Starbucks Coffee Company
Sam Bhargava, Ph.D. - Jadex Inc.

Sam Bhargava, Ph.D.

Chief Innovation Officer at Jadex Inc.
Douglas Horne - Evanesce

Douglas Horne

Founder & CEO at Evanesce
Michelle Cliffe - Canopy

Michelle Cliffe

Corporate Campaigner at Canopy
Martin Grandjean - Tembo Paper

Martin Grandjean

Global Business Development Manager at Tembo Paper
Billy Rice - ALPLA Inc. (North America)

Billy Rice

Sustainability Manager at ALPLA Inc. (North America)
Nina Leatherday - Adept Group

Nina Leatherday

Senior Packaging Engineer and Account Manager at Adept Group
Matt Storey - Eastman

Matt Storey

FMCG Segment Market Manager at Eastman
Zach Muscato - Plastic Ingenuity

Zach Muscato

Corporate Sustainability Champion at Plastic Ingenuity
Thom Almeida - World Economic Forum

Thom Almeida

Platform Curator, Future of Consumption at World Economic Forum
Ashley Drew - UPM Raflatac Americas

Ashley Drew

Sustainability Manager at UPM Raflatac Americas
Ian Lifshitz - Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas

Ian Lifshitz

Vice President of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations, the Americas at Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) Sinar Mas
Joe Dages - Steptoe & Johnson LLP

Joe Dages

Attorney at Steptoe & Johnson LLP
Darrel Collier - National Association for PET Container Resources

Darrel Collier

Executive Director at National Association for PET Container Resources
Ashley Etling - LimeLoop

Ashley Etling

CEO and Co-founder at LimeLoop
Benjamin Trent - Smithers

Benjamin Trent

Managing Consultant at Smithers
Nathan Pajka - Metsӓ Board, Americas

Nathan Pajka

Sustainability Specialist at Metsӓ Board, Americas
Tamsin Ettefagh - Purecycle Technologies

Tamsin Ettefagh

Chief Sustainability Officer and Chief Commercial Officer at Purecycle Technologies
John Veder - Novolex

John Veder

Director of Innovation at Novolex
Rachel Langhill  - Lorax Compliance

Rachel Langhill

Marketing Coordinator at Lorax Compliance
Rebecca Marciniak - Roland Berger

Rebecca Marciniak

Principal at Roland Berger
Lars Sandberg - Blue Ocean Closures

Lars Sandberg

Chief Executive Officer at Blue Ocean Closures
Tania Montesi - H.B. Fuller

Tania Montesi

Global E-Commerce Manager at H.B. Fuller
Dilhani de Silva - Roland Berger

Dilhani de Silva

Principal at Roland Berger
William Singleton - Mars

William Singleton

Executive Director, Global Packaging - Innovation & Sustainability at Mars
Dustin Schadt - Stora Enso

Dustin Schadt

Director of Business Development and Key Account Manager at Stora Enso
Paul Nowak - Quad

Paul Nowak

Vice-President of Sustainability Segment Development at Quad
Lauren Sweeney - DeliverZero

Lauren Sweeney

Co-Founder & CMO at DeliverZero
Curan Mehra - Gelo Products

Curan Mehra

Founder and CEO at Gelo Products
Rebecca Casey - TC Transcontinental Packaging

Rebecca Casey

Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategy at TC Transcontinental Packaging
Suzanne Shelton - Shelton Group

Suzanne Shelton

President & CEO at Shelton Group
Tiana Lightfoot-Svendsen - U.S. Plastics Pact

Tiana Lightfoot-Svendsen

Communications & Project Manager at U.S. Plastics Pact
Scott Byrne - Sonoco

Scott Byrne

Assistant Director, Global Sustainability at Sonoco
Tim Debus - Reusable Packaging Association

Tim Debus

President and CEO at Reusable Packaging Association